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Price : $9.99 CAD

This is a great birdhouse to start off with.  The plans for this birdhouse are very easy to follow and still very exciting.  This birdhouse base will measure approximately 20" x 30" so it is the perfect size to fit in a small or average sized yard.  The Argyll house contains 8 separate apartments, 8 perch's and is sure to attract a lot of beautiful birds.


The Argyle House is the first of the Extreme Birdhouse series units to be fully laid out and formatted into an e-book. There has never been a better opportunity to own one of these one of a kind creations then there is NOW! The best part is, you get to feel the self-accomplishment of building this piece of art yourself. For anyone who is familiar with the Extreme Birdhouse Series (found all over the web) you can now take one of these beauty's home without the costs of labor and shipping. For one low price you can purchase an online plan that takes you step by step from beginning to end, featuring helpful hints, blueprints, diagrams and still photos that make this design easy for almost anyone to build.


After you have purchased the plans they will be sent to your email. They will be sent as a pdf. file that can be opened with a free program called Adobe Reader. If you do not already have this program you can download it at


We offer support to any customers that have any questions about the downloads or the plans themselves.


More plans are currently being created and there will be more Extreme Birdhouse plans available soon.