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Renee - 2009-06-12 20:06:31
I think I was one of the first to ever buy one of your built one nearly 4 years ago for my dad’s birthday. An exact replica of his cottage, what a fabulous job you did! We love looking at it, and everyone is so impressed by it!

Joe Antonio - 2009-05-27 01:00:14
John very interested in your work, and purchasing, a Martin House. Great woodworking, I am a former Woodworking Teacher.

Dreamboat_Annie - 2008-10-17 02:14:51
John, breathtaking work....Saying that you are very talented would be an understatement...Thank-you for leading me to this website....Beautiful!!!

Joe - 2008-07-06 20:04:32
Beautiful work.
Advice; Take pictures WITH birds (in a real environment).
Paris, France, 2008-07-06.


Monica - 2007-11-28 03:59:23
hi John!!
i am telling everyone i know about your birdhouses !!
they are simply incredible! there just arent words to describe the ’wow’ factor!

ChariseGonzalez - 2007-08-08 12:38:06
I just came across your site through HGTV today. I just wanted to commend your beautiful craftsmanship! Your work is very inspiring, I am adding your page to my favorites definitely. Fantastic work...makes me wanna go find some good OLD wood and get creative.
charise Gonzalez

Paint Chip - 2007-05-16 18:20:10
Hey John, just found your site today. Ran a search on google and learned that you are just all over the place! Decided to feature your site on my little blog at Crafthappy this week too (

Maybe you’ll get a few of your CHW fans visiting. We always enjoy every opportunity to check out your creations.

Your site is awesome. I continue to be inspired by your talents! 

Keep up the beatiful work and take good care of yourself too!
Paint Chip

11. Patricia Frangos - 2007-03-09 23:05:04
I would like to take this opportunity to inform all who are reviewing the guest book that John has done some outstanding work for me with equally outstanding results.
I am not at all surprised to see this site looking as professional as it does...just like the product.
Jamie, I’m proud of you. This is a very comprehensive site and I have reviewed one of your plans. It too is comprehensive.
To anyone that purchases any of these plans; I am sure that you will not be disappointed with the process from start to finish. You will without a doubt be very pleased with the end result.
I’ll be revisiting this site to review this guestbook. I’m interested in seeing if you receive feedback from other customers that have purchased your plans.
I encourage those purchasers to do so!
Keep it up gentlemen.

Patricia Frangos
A happy customer.


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